Dermalogica Treatments

Dermalogica facial treatments


Prescriptive Treatment


This treatment forms the foundation of dermalogica’s selection of services. It is truly revolutionary because it’s customised at every step by your skin care therapist, based on the Face Mapping analysis. This treatment will be unique to each individual client.


1 hour – £35.00


Ion_Active Treatment


An action packed treatment with rapid, visible results. A super charged facial using cutting edge ingredients and modalities to target skin ageing, acne, pigmentation and dehydration


45 minutes £45.00


Medi Bac Treatment


Breakouts have finally met their match! This medicated treatment is the ultimate in acne management, it targets current blemishes while focusing on purifying your skin with deep-cleansing and extractions, helping to prevent future breakout activity.


1 hour – £38.00


three week course – £86.00


Ultra Calming Treatment


If your skin is looking red, inflamed or feeling itchy then this is the treatment for you. Our super soothing cleansing will remove impurities from your skin, followed by a calming oatmeal mask that will instantly calm redness and reduce inflammation. Even the most environmentally-sensised skins will benefit from this incredibly protecting treatment.


1 hour – £32.00


Micro Zone


On the spot solutions to address your top concerns.

Eye Rescue      20 mins      £22.00

Speed clearing   20 mins    £22.00