Dermalogica PRO Pen - Microneedling

Dermalogica PRO Pen Microneedling is a revolutionary, minimally invasive treatment.
This treatment is totally customised to the individual, we can tighten, lift & rejuvenate the skin, resulting in visibly improved fine lines & wrinkles, treat deeper laying concerns such as scarring & stretch marks or treat those very surface level issues like hyperpigmentation, skin texture & dullness!

Treatment plan will vary client to client and will be dependent on skin concern & severity, we recommend microneedling at least once every 3 months for optimum, long lasting results.

Microneedling Price
Face & neck £140.00
Body Area from £140
Course of 4 from £525
Course of 6 from £775

* After each session you will be provided with aftercare products*