All treatments are carried out by experienced therapists using traditional creme or honey wax. Epiloderm hot wax is our preferred choice for intimate waxing. We can guarantee this wax will be unlike any other….

Honey or creme wax is an excellent product for larger areas. More intimate treatments such as Hollywood or Brazilian waxing are carried out using Epiloderm Hot wax only. This superior wax is imported from France and is the ONLY wax that is certified to be used on the most intimate areas, leaving a smooth, non sticky, less irritated area. No ingrown hairs, no sticky residue, no hairs missed and an altogether more pleasant painless treatment. For the ultimate intimate wax trust Epiloderm….

Treatment Traditional  Epiloderm
Full Leg £24.00 £40.00
1/2 Leg £18.00 £30.00
3/4 Leg £20.00 £35.00
Underarm £10.00 £12.00
Bikini Line £10.00 £12.00
Extended Bikini Line £14.00 £17.00
Brazilian   £25.00
Hollywood   £30.00
Full Arm £14.00  
Full Leg & Bikini Line £30.00  
Full leg, Bikini Line & Underarm £36.00  
1/2 Leg, Bikini Line & Underarm £33.00  
Eyebrows £10.00  
Lip / Chin £7.00 £9.00
Lip & Chin £10.00 £12.00
Chest £20.00 £30.00
Back £20.00 £30.00
Chest and Back £35.00 £50.00